The Language Gallery

The Language Gallery (TLG) delivers high quality language courses at a number of locations worldwide. With campuses in London, Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, Hannover and Toronto, they pride themselves on their internationalism and their interactive approach to the learning process.

Language Gallery StudentsAll TLG’s facilities are conveniently located at the centre of the cities in which they are located. The small class sizes of the schools enhance individual learning as you can benefit from personalised attention from tutors. Also, the strong sense of community at each campus means you will have no problems settling in, whichever destination you choose.


TLG mainly use inductive teaching approaches, also known as “inquiry” or “discovery” teaching. This means that the teacher is a guide, making it a more student-centered method.

The method is called “Communicative Approach” and it is a mix of the following methodologies and approaches:

  • Task Based Learning
  • Students are given a task, problem, activity, or topic.
  • Students work together on the task, and practice realistic language.
  • They discover a particular language point through the language used to solve the task.

The Lexical Approach

  • Students focus on understanding and producing frequently used fixed expressions as “chunks” or “words that go together, like “Could you tell me” + wh?;  or “That’s interesting!.”
  • Grammar is analysed as vocabulary in a special pattern.

Engage Study Activate

  • Students are engaged in an everyday topic and are given a reading or listening task.
  • Students study language from the text.
  • Students then use this language in a realistic speaking situation.

Guided Discovery

  • The teacher provides examples.
  • Learners find out the rules themselves.
  • Teachers are facilitators.


The Language Gallery
 Type of Institution:
  • Private Chain of Language Schools 
 Language in Class:
  • English or German 
  • Language Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • English as Second Language
  • German as Second Language
  • Exam Preparation (English)
  • English for Finance
  • English for Media
  • English for Law
  • English for Automotive
  • English for Aviation & ELPAC
  • English for the Oil & Gas industry
  • English for Law Enforcement and Police
  • English for Engineering



  • London, Greater London, United Kingdom
  • Oxford, South East Region, United Kingdom
  • Manchester, North West Region, United Kingdom
  • Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
  • Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
  • Hannover, Lower Soxony, Germany
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  •  Every Monday of the year
  • British Council
  • Languages Canada
  • English UK

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