Carlos Luis: Toronto, Canadá

Carlos Luis / UMC

“I have been studying at UMC for 7 months. I could not believe how much my English has improved in this time. I am very happy with my choices, especially with the IELTS program. The fact that I could pass this challenging exam and use it to enter any university in America and Europe was a big help and very motivating.

The IELTS program taught me many skills, through essays, presentations and group work. This helped improve my ability to speak in public and my speaking and writing skills. UMC Teachers made it easier to learn by making sure the class was engaging and entertaining. Working with students from all around the world is a rewarding and fun experience.  I want to say thank you to all UMC teachers and staff, and even my fellow students. My time spent at UMC will never be forgotten”.

Nombre: Carlos Luis
Nacionalidad: Venezolano
Ciudad: Toronto
Institución: Upper Madison College (UMC)
Programa: Inglés como Lengua Extranjera / Preparación IELTS
Duración: 28 Semanas